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06/24/2009 at 03:12 pm -

Responsible boaters appreciate and recognize that clean marinas and

waterways are the foundation for enjoyable boating now and for the

future. Fuel spills, even in the smallest amounts, from bilges and

refueling is a source of pollution and a danger to the marine

environment. Traditional products only absorb errant spills, but

unless disposed of properly, they just move the problem from the water

to a landfill, and use of detergents to disperse fuel and oil only

make it worse for the environment. I’ve introduced a new product line

based on breakthrough technology called CI Agent that goes way beyond

the traditional methods in use today and provides responsible boaters

with a cost effective and convenient means of prevention. The unique

aspect of CI Agent Products is that once used, they can be disposed of in

most public land fills (meaning it can be tossed into regular garbage,

no more hazardous waste disposal costs).

The CI Agent products come in many forms and for all size vessels and

marinas. A perfect solution for Mariners and Marina operators. For

more information about the CI Agent product line for Bilges, Gas Dock

Spill Prevention, and Emergency Response Kits, contact Boatspills at

414/702-2532 or